22 Dec

Winter essentials for children

On 18th of December, the student of Shree Suryadaya Primary school at Sukhad- Bardia was in a jolly mood, as they were getting new stuff. Shanti Pant Foundation has been committed to fulfilling the needed requirement to the school and students.

Trying out her new school shoe.

For winter we distributed students with shoes, socks, innerwear and sanitary materials (girls) for 84 students.

Happy Us 🙂

This time it was different for us because we joined hands with the local vendors of Bhurigaun, Bardia as we want the locals to be benefitted.

Thank You, Shanti Pant Foundation for the new stuffs.

It was again a pleasurable moment to see the innocent faces beaming with joy after receiving their stuff. The team is trying its best to find the problems and work according to its needs.

Group photo…With their new shoes on.

Shoes take you to new places and we wish the students travel around the globe spreading smiles.

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