09 Nov

Wheelchair is my best friend

Samikcha Tharu a girl from Shree Suryadaya Primary School from Bardia Nepal cannot walk on her own. She is forced to commute on her mother’s bicycle and sit on the floor of her classroom which is not disabled children friendly. Due to poverty, her parents are not able to afford basic necessity.

Samikcha going to school with her mother.

There are thousands of children who can’t walk on their feet due to their disability. Poverty has been the best friend for the rural Nepalese for years. They are not able to fulfill the basic needs of their family due to various commitments towards the other needs, the families have to ignore the importance of the wheelchair for their child. Every parent wishes to see their children happy but their poverty binds them as they believe that wheelchair is not the priority as much as the food.


Samikcha before getting her uniforms and wheelchair. She was forced to sit on the floor.

With various reason, the disabled children even disagree to go to school and it concludes their future without basic education where they can’t move forward in life.


Shanti Pant Foundation aims at providing the needed requirements to the children. We gifted Samikcha her best friend a wheelchair so that she can attend her school along with her friends. We helped her with all her basic necessities and will be helping her whenever needed.


Education is a fundamental right for all children.

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