20 Feb

Updates on Ritu

Ritu Lama has been getting help from the foundation for all the basic necessities. This time we gave her quarterly sanitary napkin for the month of February. Ritu has been doing a great job in her academics as well.


Ritu in her hostel with the bag of sanitary napkins provided by Shanti Pant Foundation.

As a girl from a small village Kavre, today she has been able to make space for herself in her new school. Our shy Ritu today is more confident than ever. She is making progress in her activities. She is preparing for her final exams (district level exams in Nepal) which is going to take place in the month of April. Her teachers too are positive with the result she has been showing throughout this year.


We wish all the luck for her upcoming exams and hope to see great results in the future.

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