06 Jul

Umbrella and sandals for monsoon

It’s the monsoon season in Nepal and it’s all wet everywhere in the country. This time keeping the needs in priority of the students we decided on distributing sandals and umbrella to 90 students of Shree Suryodaya Primary School, Bardia, Sukhad.

Students showing off their umbrella with happiness.

The students at the school belong to the marginalized group of the society who are unable to afford basic necessities. It is hard for them to get an umbrella from their parents due to poverty which results in them getting sick from the monsoon rain. The monsoon rain carries lots of communicable diseases and children should be taken extra care. Seeing all the real scenario we extended our helping hands towards them.

Yay…We got new umbrellas.

Shanti Pant Foundation has been fulfilling all the commitments to the committed schools with the help of our local beneficiary.

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