30 Nov

The joy of pure drinking water


We visited one of our committed school “Shree Saraswati Lower Secondary School” at Thimi, Bhaktapur. We have renovated toilets and have been providing clean drinking water to the school. Our team visits schools to know about our commitments being used in an appropriate way and its advances to the students.


Students waiting for their turn to drink water.


Shree Saraswati Lower Secondary School where the students used to rely on groundwater now is overjoyed with the clean drinking water which we are providing on a daily basis.  Every day the students use around 150 litres jar water for drinking which the foundation is helping. It prevents students from waterborne diseases.


Students filling water to drink.


It was a heartwarming moment for our team to see the students being thankful towards the foundation for the clean drinking water. We want the schools of Nepal to grow and expand our helping hands wherever needed. We are grateful that we are one of their supporting systems.


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