Teachers sponsorship

Annually thousands of Nepali youths migrate to the Indian and Gulf cities in search of ill-paid menial jobs. Those who do well in studies choose a career in science, technology, and business. The teaching profession is viewed as the last choice. The teachers for primary and secondary level public school are even hard to find. A 2014 nationwide survey showed that more than one-third of Grade 2 and 19% of Grade 3 children cannot read even a word of Nepali.


Education is the key to eradicate poverty and children are the pillars that need to be educated. Every child needs guidance to upgrade herself and teachers is the best guardian for their studies but schools in Nepal often lack appropriate funding and resources to adequately teach children. A single teacher has to handle different classes at the same time which hampers their studies and mentality.


Shanti Pant Foundation believes in supporting the children in need wherever needed. It understands the demand for teachers in the student’s life. Therefore, we provide teachers in such schools where there is a considerable demand for it.


With your support, we will be able to provide teachers with the areas needed.


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