30 Jan

Shree Nepal Rastriya Aadharbhoot Vidhyalaya – Bardia


2018 brought lots of positivity in our lives as we were able to help more than 500 children in Nepal. This new year we joined hands with yet another school from Thakurdwara, Bardia, Nepal, Shree Nepal Rastriya Aadharbhoot Vidhyalaya. The school consists of around 400 students at the present.

When our team visited the school we were again had a reality check of the standard and incapable government schools of Nepal. The students were from marginalized groups who were not able to fulfill their basic needs. The school was facing a tough time due to various reasons at the school. Some of the major problems for the children were:-

  • Children and school teachers relying on non-filtered groundwater for drinking
  • Menstruating girls relying on rags and not attending classes during their menstruation

As Shanti Pant Foundation aims to fulfill the required requirements for the schools in Nepal, learning the necessities of Shree Nepal Rastriya Aadharbhoot Vidhyalaya we joined hands with the authority to fulfill our commitments:

  • Distribute Sanitary Pads for girls every three months
  • Clean drinking water by making filtration in the school premises

Today we have seen a huge change in the attendance and girls coming to school during their periods as well.

Before: –    381                                                              After: – 427

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