21 Mar

Sanitary pads distribution – Shree Suryodaya Primary School

We distributed sanitary materials to girls at Shree Suryodaya Primary School, Sukhad, Bardia. The sanitary pads were distributed to 11 girls studying at class 5.

Girls with the Shanti Pant Foundation sanitary pads bag.

Every quarter we have been distributing sanitary pads to the girls since 2017. The girls from most of the government schools belong to the marginalized group of the country. They use old clothes and rags during periods which forced to stay back at home during these days. After studying the problems on less attendance we started our commitment to helping girls with sanitary pads

The attendance has been gradually growing through the years and we are very glad to help these girls. With the help of our volunteer’s and teachers, Shanti Pant Foundation has been fulfilling the required commitment to the committed schools.

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