13 Feb

Sanitary pads distribution – Shree Kaleshwari Basic School

2019 was yet another fresh beginning for Shanti Pant Foundation as it gave new hopes and positivity. Yet again we joined hands with a new school. We started our program with sanitary pads distribution at Shree Kaleshwari Basic School, situated at Chandanpur.

She got her first bag of sanitary pads for 3 months.

As within our commitment, we have planned on helping the girls with sanitary materials ever quarter. We distributed the sanitary pads to 13 girls. As we don’t want girls to skip their classes due to menstruation we started by giving out the sanitary pads to the marginalized girls. The girls are vulnerable during menstruation as they are treated differently during their periods.


Happy face.

Shanti Pant foundation aims at helping out the marginalized students of Nepal. We aim to reach various parts of rural Nepal to help the girls who are in need of us.

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