06 Jun

Sanitary pad distribution at Chandanpur

We distributed sanitary materials to girls at Shree Kaleshwari Basic School at Chandanpur. The sanitary pads were distributed to girls studying from class 4 to 8. 

Sanitary pad bags provided by Shanti Pant Foundation.

Girls at Shree Kaleshwari Basic School belong to one of the marginalized groups of Nepal. It’s very hard for the family of the girls to fulfill all their basic requirements and sustain their well-being. For example, every month girls skip their studies during the menstruation period as their family cannot afford sanitary pads.

Student receiving their quarterly sanitary pads.

Every quarter we have been distributing sanitary pads to girls since 2017. The attendance has been gradually growing through the years and we are very glad to help these girls. Shanti Pant Foundation has been fulfilling the required commitment to the committed schools.


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