28 Feb

Shree Saraswati Lower Secondary School


Shree Saraswati Lower Secondary School located at Madhyapur Thimi – 16, Manohara, Bhaktapur was established in 2005 A.D.( 2062 B.S). The school consists of 235 students at the moment.

Before 2005 there was no school around that area so the management committee chairperson at that time Shree Padan Bahadur and the local committee initiated to establish a school in the area.

Manohara is just 14.5 km away from Kathmandu the capital city of the country but is lacking basic facilities for its students. Thousands of children die every year because of polluted water and we saw the similar situation at the school where the children were dependent on the groundwater.

So, we decided to fulfill the required commitment:-

  • Supply drinking water daily
  • Build toilets for the children
  • Classroom renovation
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