08 May

A new set of stationers

Stationers is a basic need for a student. They need stationers to complete their class work. The students at Nepal are lacking basic stationers materials due to which their attendance is getting affected. Students are skipping schools and even the parents are stopping the children to go to school as they don’t have stationers materials.

Students standing in queue to get their new stationery materials.

Shanti Pant Foundation has taken an initiation on helping those children. We have been distributing stationers and educational materials to two schools where around 150 students from Kavre and Sukhad Bardia are benefited. This time we distributed  stationery at Shree Suryodaya Primary School which contains 5 different sets of notebooks per subject, pens, pencil and other regular essentials.

Students signing the sheet after getting the stationers.

The foundation has been fulfilling all the requirement as much as possible with the help of our local beneficiary, volunteers and our donors.

We hope to help more schools with our supportive donors in the future.

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