19 Mar

Our new monkey swing bar

The students at Shree Suryodaya Primary School at Bardia was overwhelmed with the new monkey swing bar gifted by Shanti Pant Foundation. The foundation is trying it’s best to make every possible move to boost the children’s dream to get the education in a good environment.

Our new monkey swing bar.

This is our very first initiation and we are happy to see the happiness in our tiny tots of Bardia. The swing bar was designed for the students of ECD and kindergarten of the school. As the students didn’t have playsets we thought of building a swing inside the school premises.

Students playing with their new monkey swing bar.

We have been helping the school with all the stationery materials and basic essentials like dresses, water purification and many more which fall under our commitments. We are proud to see the growth of attendance of the students. The feedback from the school is commendable as many parents are looking forward to the new session to get the admission of their children.

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