26 Jan

Our new furnished classroom

Shree Suryadaya Primary school, Bardiya recently got furnished classrooms with the help of Shahti Pant Foundation. We furnished the classrooms with new tables, cushions, foam, and carpet.

The students used to depend on a single carpet before and it was risking them to various health issues. During winter they had to sit on the cold floors which made them skip their classes for days as they didn’t want to sit on cold floors.

Students ready to be clicked as they got their new desk and cushion.

Today, we are able to encourage hundreds of students to attend the classes as they don’t have to sit on the cold floors. They are happy to see the change in their classrooms. They are showing their gratitude towards Shanti Pant Foundation through those innocent eyes.

When the students were relying on a single carpet.

We aim to reach the marginalized children of Nepal who are in need.

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