02 Mar

A movie with a message of menstruation

“Padman” is a story based on a person who influenced thousands of women to use pads during menstruation. A man who invented the low-cost sanitary pad-making machine belongs to Arunachalam Muruganantham, a small village in India. His invention made headlines all over the world and helped millions of women.

Padman movie is written on Arunachalam Muruganantham where Akshay Kumar is playing the main protagonist. The movie has shown the story of a man who fought with the conservative society of the country. He wakes up to the reality of women health issues when he first sees his wife using rags during her periods. He tries many tactics to make a pad for her but fails many times. In the end, he gets motivated to make a more proper pad and make women aware of the importance of sanitary pads. The story sums up with him receiving a prestigious award in his home country with the society accepting his innovation and helping women to stay away from various diseases caused by using rags during menstruation.

The movie though is one of the highest grossing movie but the message that the movie carry is a punch. Every now and then people pen down and make movies but this movie has given a life-changing motivation to every human being in this world as it tells us the importance of menstruation hygiene of our mother, daughter, and sister as when they are healthy the world is healthy and safe.

Our donor Javra software who has been helping us throughout our journey took the initiation to show the movie to its employee and their families. The move was very genuine as it shows their thought towards a social cause.

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