05 Feb

Menstruation still a taboo – Chaupadi pratha in Nepal

Mensuration is a still a taboo for the mid and western rural Nepal where the centuries-old tradition still exists – Chaupadi pratha. Chaupadi Pratha is a tradition practised mainly in the Hindu society that banishes females during their menstruation period from the house and forces them to stay at a cowshed or makeshift house away from their home.

The Supreme Court of Nepal though has imposed a ban on the chaupadi tradition in 2004, it is still in practice as people believe in the tradition. Till date, the society is not accepting the fact that menstruation is a natural women cycle which helps them in giving birth to a new life. Every now and then we hear news of women dying because of staying at chaupadi.

The society still thinks menstruating women is a taboo and does not allow them to enter the house as she might bring sin to the family. Many women from the region become a victim of snake bite, rape or health issues and sacrifice their lives during their stay at chaupadi.

The age-old tradition is still dragging the girls back as they are not able to grow psychically and psychologically. The girls are forced to skip their schools during menstruation which effects their interest in education. The girls are most vulnerable in this situation as they can’t voice out their opinion or difficulties due to the pressure of their family and society.

Shanti Pant Foundation believes in girls’ education and aims to reach out to these group of girls and help them in a way we can.  Our agenda is to connect with them and spread the awareness program in areas needed.

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