08 Nov

I can attend my school regularly

Sanitary pad is one of the basic needs for girls and it’s not a luxury as how people think and treats it as. A human body is very delicate and we have to take proper care of it. When a girl goes through menstruation she needs proper rest and moreover, she should have a proper hygienic routine.


Ritu is forced to stay at her home during her periods as she can’t trust her cloth menstrual pads as it might leak during her classes.

In rural Nepal, a girl is not a priority to her family so she is abandoned by all the rights and during her periods she is treated as an outsider. She is forced to stay outside her home and even she is asked not to enter the kitchen and temples which is unethical.

Shanti pant foundation believes that every girl needs to have proper sanitation and hygienic routine for her health and safety. So, we believe in giving out the best to a girl child by providing her basic necessities as pads and undergarments. We distributed pads to the school girls from Chalal, kavre “Shree Ganesh Lower Secondary School”.


These girls received sanitary pads from the foundation and the response was amazing.

It was overwhelming to hear that they are attending the schools on their periods these days. We are giving the pads every three months which is enough for them till the next distribution.


We don’t want a girl to miss her school because of her periods.


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