12 Jun

Fan Installation at Shree Suryodaya Primary School, Bardia

This summer we installed fans at Shree Suryodaya Primary School, Bardia where around 102 students are studying. Bardia is one of the hottest places in Nepal during the summer. 

Workers installing fans for the classrooms.

The overheated classrooms make students dull during the day and cannot focus on their studies. The won’t be able to concentrate during their class and decrease of learning during the hotter days of the school year. 

Children enjoying fans after the installation.

Lack of proper government funding the schools in Nepal are not able to provide proper air conditioning to the students. So analyzing and verifying the problems Shanti Pant Foundation took initiation on helping the schools with fans. Today the classrooms from ECD to class 8 have fans and can handle the heat. 

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