10 Apr

A day with Sete Tamang and his family

During the visit to Nepal this time, our founder invited Sete Tamang and his family to Kathmandu to discuss the improvement of his daughter’s education. As, his three girls Rashmita – Grade 7, Anita – Grade 5 and Sonika – Grade 1 is studying in our committed school Shree Ganesh Lower Secondary School” Chalal, Kavrepalanchok.

Rashmita and Anita selecting t-shirts.

As, we have been helping the family and his daughters with monthly educational materials we wanted to discuss regarding the impact. His elder daughters (Rita Maya and Sita Maya) left schools when they were very young to help him in his work. Sete Tamang works as labour in his village and looks after his family of 7 members. They belong to the economically backward group.

Sete Tamang with his wife Makhmali, daughters Rita Maya, Sita Maya, Rashmita, Anita and Sonika.

This time our founder shopped clothes for the entire family. They have never travelled outside their own district so it was a new experience for them. The girls were very happy with their new clothes.

The girls selecting Kurthi’s for themselves.

They met our Secretary-Treasurer – Frank Möllers and Frans Fels from the PF Concept family (our donor). It was a very new experience for both sides. I got to know them personally and talk regarding their problems. It will be easier for me to fulfil more commitments towards them by learning their needs. SPF strongly believes, these girls are going to excel in their studies.


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