25 May

Clean water supply for healthy life


Every now and then we hear stories of children dying of polluted water and keeping that in mind Shanti Pant Foundation has committed itself to helping the students in supplying clean water. The foundation aims to reach out to the places where there is lack of clean drinking water for the students.


Students dependept on groundwater before.

Shree Suryodaya Primary School at Bardia, Sukhad too had faced the problems but today they are happy to see a good clean drinking water and filtered water supply for other uses. The school which consists of around 99 students are enjoying the new water supply in this heat of summer in the Terrain Terai of Nepal.


The students washing their faces with clean water after their lunch.


The students were dependent on the groundwater which was not good for their health. So, today we are happy to see a small improvement from our side towards the student’s health.

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