14 May

Awareness program regarding health and hygiene at Bhaktapur

Shree Saraswati Lower Secondary School – Bhaktapur, On May 8 our team along with our volunteer Miss Chantal had been to Bhaktapur for the awareness program regarding health and hygiene for 280 students at the school. We demonstrated presentation and videos regarding personal hygiene and school cleanliness.


Our founder teaching student to stand in the queue.

Our volunteer Miss Chantal from the Netherlands implemented her daily routine back home in the presentation to influence the students. It was very motivating for the kids to learn something new. It was an interactive session where the students were totally involved with us. We provided some important information on menstruation hygiene for the girls as well which was informative to them.


Miss Chantal giving the presentation on health and hygiene.

The students and teachers were highly influenced by the program. The students come from the slum background from Manohara area at Bhaktapur. They aren’t well aware regarding health and hygiene and our program gave them some light about it.

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